Our school policy for Planning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting has been developed to meet our own professional standards and that required by the Department of Education.

Teaching and learning Policy

SEND policy

The key focus of our assessment is the continuous assessment for learning, which feeds into planning to ensure that the children make the best progress that they can. The children are encouraged to engage with this process through self-assessment, peer assessment and through taking responsibility for their learning targets. St Anne's provides a safe environment where children can take risks and therefore learn. Children are taught how to maintain a growth mindset, which enables them to have the self confidence to try new concepts. Children also undertake some more formal test and assessment programmes:

  • Reception: Completion of Foundation Stage profile throughout the year
  • Year 1 - Phonics reading test 
  • Year Two: End of Key Stage 1 National Curriculum Statutory Tests and Assessments in Maths, Reading, Spelling and Writing
  • Year Six: End of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Statutory Tests and Assessment


Reporting to Parents

We feel it is important for parents to be fully informed and updated on their child’s progress. Appointments can be made to discuss concerns or issues with Class Teachers throughout the year by prior arrangement. Formal reports are issued for each child in the Summer Term.

Parents consultation opportunities are held twice a year, in order to discuss progress and set / review individual targets.

Each pupil’s Record of Achievement is updated termly. They are available in the Autumn and Summer Term and by request at any other time. Information regarding the topics and areas of study for your child in each subject will also be sent home in the form of a curriculum overview at the beginning of each half term.

Children's Attainment

 Children either attain the National expectation for their year group or are working towards this level. The DFE advice is that unless a child is exceptionally gifted and talented they do not move on to the expectations for the year above, instead they develop confidence and fluency with the skills and knowledge of their own year group by applying their understanding across the curriculum and to problem solving.

 Children are all individual and develop at different rates. They also have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Your child's score should be compared to the National expectation ( given on the link below) rather than to a sibling or other children in their class.



 The teachers will plan a rich curriculum that supports individual learning. The school carefully tracks the progress of each child to identify any children who are not making the expected progress. 

It is important to remember that children do not learn at the same rate continuously and this progress may be more vigorous one year and then slow down the next, as your child consolidates this learning.  The school will be monitoring any changes in your child's progress carefully and if we are at all concerned about your child's progress we will discuss this with you.

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