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D&T is embedded in all the topics taught throughout the year.  Through a variety of creative and practical activities children in each year groupare taught the knowledge , understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making.  Every class focuses on secific technical knowledge so that by Year 6 their cumulative knowledge enables them to choose the most suitable mechanism for creating their products.

In Year 1 for example, children learn to make axles in their topic about holidays. They explore different types of vehiclesthat people travel in on holiday and investigate how how wheels and axles work, through examining toy vehicles. They then design their own vehicle.

In Year 4, during their topic on South America, the children design and make an electronic buzzer game , after investigating how to set up a circuit with buzzers and bulbs. The game helps to develop and test the children's knowledge about South America. 

All classes have the opportunity to learn about food technology, both throughout the year and during a special focused week, every June, during Healthy Eating Week.  Every class studies a part of the eat well plate and investigates where food comes from. They learn how to make simple, mainly savoury, dishes and how to use the basic recipe to design and make their own version, ebedding the principles of nutrition. . Skills such as grating, cutting, peeling etc are built up over the years. 

D&T curriculum over-view

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