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We are very proud here at St. Anne's of our status as a 'Forest School'. We have an extensive woodland where children can explore and learn in an outdoor environment. We are very priveledged to have 4 teachers (Miss Coyle, Mrs Mosley, Mrs Kelly and Ms Alcock) and 1 teaching assistant (Ms Bancroft) trained as forest school leaders. At the moment Reception and Year 1 have a half day session at Forest School each week. Year 2 have a half day session each week every other half term. KS2 children are given the opportunity to take part in Forest School lunchtime club which is led by Ms Bancroft.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is about playing and exploring in a forest environment.  It utilises the natural resources found there to enhance learning, developing a deep appreciation and empathy for nature.  Forest School practitioners are highly trained to deliver quality safe learning opportunities for adults and children. 

The emphasis for learning is child centred and activities promote social and emotional development and well being.  Practitioners skillfully identify individuals’ needs and preferred learning styles, planning activities that provide opportunities to enhance and develop their learning. 

Forest School takes place over a long period of time ensuring that the practitioner and participants have built a strong and meaningful relationship with each other and the forest.

See The National Forest School site for more information:


How safe is it?

We believe that it is important for children to take risks and learn how to manage risk.  Government documentation also backs this up.  Every Child Matters highlights the importance of risk taking in the development of children as life long learners.  Children need challenge and risk within a framework of security and safety.  The outdoor environment lends itself to offering challenge, helping children learn how to be safe and to be aware of others.

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