Geography provokes questions and answers about the natural and human world. We explore and develop knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, maps and a range of problem solving skills and investigative work in and out of the classroom. At KS1 our children investigate their own environment and that of a contrasting locality in the wider world. At KS2 the children find out about a variety of people, places and environments both in the UK and abroad. We teach geographical skills using resources such as maps, aerial photographs, atlases and ICT sources.

Geography in KS1 has been enriched by the use of our woodland area at the beginning of this year. When studying 'Into The Forest' the children are able to combine Geography with their Forest Schools work. They study types and parts of woodlands, comparing their knowledge of Rainforests with our woodland area..

The children are supported to develop their geographical knowledge by staff helping them to make clear links with prior learning and with other areas of the curriculum. For instance in Year 3 the children study photographs and maps to help them explore why Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlers dwelt where they did. This intricate link between human and physical geography is explored further as the children learn about the relationship between rivers and Roman settlements in Year 4 before finding out how the River Weaver and the Shropshire Union Canal.

As the children develop their contextual knowledge they begin to make sense of their learning about physical processes. For example in Y6 they learn how those hills, that were so important for defence in the building of castles and forts, were actually formed. 

Geography curriculum over-view

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