Sacramental Programme

Welcome to our Sacramental Programme 2019-20.  Keep an eye on this page for all of the information that you will need to help this special year to go smoothly.

Sunday 1st December

It is time for your pecial enrolment mass. When children make their First Holy Communion it is a very special time for them, but it is also an important day for their families and for their church family.  All of the Parishioners look forward to the day that you will make your First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. They want to know who you are and they will pray for you throughout the year.  At your enrolment mass you will be introduced to the Parish family so that they know who you are.  

Try to be there by 9.15 am so that Letitia knows you are present and she will ensure that your medal and certificate are ready for you.  You will sit with your family; like you usually do at mass. 

During the mass you will all be asked to come on to the altar to sing the special hymn that you have been learning in school with Mrs James.

Everyone at school hopes that you will have a lovely day and enjoy the mass as the start your preparations for this special year.

Las Posadas

During Advent you will get to take the Las Posadas box home for a night.  It is really important that you return it the next day so that everyone gets a turn.  

This crib set is called a Posada because it is an old Mexican tradition which emphasized the earthly birth and family life of Jesus. You will be invited to take Mary and Joseph, into your home for one night. When you bring the box home you need to unpack it and set up Mary and Joseph on the cloth that represents the road to Bethlehem. Place the lamp ( Jesus the Light of the World at the other end of the cloth.

There will be a Posada Prayer to say (if you wish). There is also a picture story book telling the Christmas Story. Plus a record book for you child to draw and write about when they had the Posada stay in their home. Enjoy looking after Mary and Joseph in your home for the night; make time for Them and make Them welcome.  Perhaps you could make up a prayer of your own or reflect on your Advent Promise and ask Them to help you to keep it.

In the morning take it back to  school for the next child to take home that evening











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