Foreign languages are now compulsory across key stage two. Students aged seven to 11 are required to be able to read and write a second modern foreign language.  At St Anne's we chose French so that our children were not disadvantaged when they move on to Secondary school.  

Teachers teach their own French lessons at St Anne's; mainly following the Primary Language Network scheme, to ensure consistency and progression across the school,    In French the children learn basic french vocabulary, progressing to writing sentences. They also learn about French culture. The children use a range of resources including online resources, games and songs.  Where possible the French lessons are linked to other areas of the curriculum eg Year 6 learnt the verb 'to be' ( être) in French and used this knowledge to identify the correct spelling and form in their English lesson; in Y5 the children were learning about body parts in both French and Science.

 The school also organises an annual European Languages day; where parents who originate from many European countries share their language, culture and food to engage the children in enjoying learning about other cultures.  The children also learn about Christmas customs around the world as part of our annual Advent preparations.



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