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As part of a wider drive to cut term-time absences, Cheshire East Council’s Education Welfare Service has produced a guide which highlights the importance of keeping children in school throughout the year.

The  Taking children on holiday during term time (PDF, 129KB)  from the  Education Welfare Service explains the legal obligation parents and carers have to ensure their children regularly attend school, how parents should apply to take their children out of class for a holiday and the penalties that may be imposed for ‘unauthorised’ absences during term-time.

Required number of days

There is a requirement for all maintained schools to be open for the teaching of pupils/students for 380 sessions (or 190 days) each school year. 


Absence Request Forms should be filled in and passed to the School Office to be registered, the form will then be passed to the Head Teacher

Leave of absence from school may only be granted to a pupil by a person authorised to do so. (E.g Head teacher) Leave of absence will not be granted during periods of tests and assessments. Following the Government’s guidance holidays should not be granted unless there are extenuating circumstances. If your request does not come within the agreed guidelines it will be recorded as unauthorised absence, which will be scrutinised by Cheshire East’s Attendance officer, who may impose fines.

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