Taking care of God's World

In Laudato Si’  Pope Francis invites us all to:

“work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”.

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How the St. Anne's Community Cares for our Common Home

Planting Wild Flower Seed on 'National Day of Remembrance'

As part of St Anne's recognition of the event and those affected by covid, all classes across the school sowed wild flower seeds around various parts of the school grounds. As these seeds take and hopefully bloom next year, we will have a consistent reminder of those who have suffered and have been lost during this time, remembering them annually but choosing to focus on the joy the flowers bring.

A minute of silence was also honoured at 12pm, followed by a prayer, with the children and staff joining in with this national mark of respect and remembrance.



Dabbers Don't Drop Anti-Littering Campaign

ll children took part in lessons and discussions  regarding the 'Dabbers Don't Drop' campaign, They looked at the effects of littering, landfill problems, recycling and the importance of making a conscious effort to reduce waste. Year 3 even went litter picking around the school-gloves and/or litter pickers were used!



Clean Air Day 2021

Clean Air Day 2021 and our initiative to encourage as many children and staff  to walk to school has been hugely successful- we cannot believe how many of you made such an effort! Lots of children engaged, excitedly telling us that they had walked at least a short part of their journey to school. This is brilliant news and we are so pleased so many of you made that extraordinary effort to even just park your car a greater distance than usual away from school- this obviously can help traffic congestion in the mornings and afternoons too :D

Well done and thank you to all who sent in pictures of the walk to school. The response to initiatives such as this always make us feel so proud of how the children and parents of St Anne's always rise to a challenge!



British Hedgehog Society

Mrs Burd, our cook, is a passionate supporter of the The British Hedgehog Society. Her favourite of all animals, Mrs Burd loves her spikey friends so much that she has taken the time and effort to build a little gateway and sanctuary for them. Here are a few pictures from her garden. She even has a camera set up so she can see the nocturnal hedgehogs when they are at their busiest.



Year 5 Recycled Art

As part of last week's anti litter campaign, Year 5 produced some gorgeous artwork using recyclable materials and based on the work of several artists including Jason Mercier, Robert Bradford, Derek Gores and Guerra Paz. As you can see, the artwork produced is very impressive- Ms McGonigle and Mrs Findlay were so proud of the results and the children's effort and creativity!




Year 4 Natural Art

Year 4 produced some lovely natural art as part of their Science topic of 'Living Things' and cross curricular links with Art. As you can see, some inspired work was produced and much fun was had scavenging around in the glorious sunshine-any excuse for Mr O'Rourke to get Year 4 out in the great outdoors!



Nantwich in Bloom

As part of our annual contribution to Nantwich in Bloom, Year 6 have decorated the pot donated by the scheme and the flowers donated by Rope Green Garden Nursery. Usually completed by our KS1 children, this year we decided to let our leavers leave their mark for a little longer with the whole class contributions to the pot. Thank you to Rope Green Nursery wo donated the flowers. 

Nantwich in Bloom presents us with a certificate of participation each year. 

nxs7BAvHjbkBsB.jpgoILPK1zx90koh3.jpgNantwich in Bloom.png





Planting Trees

Our Eco-council spent an afternoon planting Damson trees on our school grounds.

Damson tree planting 1.jpgorchard 6.jpgOrchard planting group.jpg



Plastic Pollution

Our eco-council have learnt a lot about plastic pollution and how damaging it is to our environment. They even made a man out of plastic to raise awareness of the issue in school. We also focussed on the work of Greta Thunberg in school. 

Take a look at the assembly our eco-council led. 

A Plastic Ocean Assembly




looking after world 4.jpglooking after world 2.jpglooking after world 3.jpglooking after world.jpg

Planting bulbs in Coed Wen

Our Eco-council went to Coed Wen in Nantwich to plant some Wild bulbs and wildflowers to encourage bees. This is an activity that St. Anne's takes part in on an annual basis to support our local environment. 




Forest School

forest school 1.jpgforest school 2.jpgforest school 3.jpgforest school 4.jpg

forest school 5.jpgforest school.jpg


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