The Year of the Word/ The Year of St. Joseph

The God Who Speaks – a Year of the Word.

The Bishops of England and Wales have called for a Year of the Word under the title, ‘The God Who Speaks’. God has spoken to human beings since the dawn of creation, but very few have listened as intently as they might! This Year will offer a wealth of ideas, resources and experiences for us to deepen (or create) our relationship with the God who speaks to us through the Bible.

We have had the introductory assembly 

Assembly powerpoint     - do have a look and share this learning with your child.

In school we have started to follow Matthew's journery through the words of his Goospel, in our Wednesday assembly.  You can follow this in our Newsletters, where I have created a page with the reading; a reflection on the meaning of the scripture and some ideas of activities that you and your family can do.  We are creating a book in school to collect exampoles of the work done by our children with their families.


2020-21 initiative – The Year of St Joseph

The Year of St Joseph – announced by Pope Francis commence in December 2020.  The year marks a year long celebration, dedication and prayer centred around St Joseph: protector, father, worker and champion of families and the Church.
Pope Francis has recognised that St Joseph is truly the saint we need in these times and, as such, St. Anne's gladly and whole-heartedly embraces this focus.
St Joseph – Pray for us.
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