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Early Years

Colour Sequence


Simple Scales

Leckys Friends

Dressing Lecky

Compare and Order

Scary Spuds

Number Labelling

String of Beads

Colour Train

Colour Labelling

Fish Tank

Teddy Bear Labels

Count with Lecky


Key Stage One


Courtesy of BBC Bitesize

Courtesy of

Phonics Sentence Construction Vegetable Labelling Word Wheel 1
Rhyming Words Using Pronouns Transport Labelling CVC Maker
Alphabetical Order Using Conjunctions Fruit Labelling Farm Labels
Spelling Synomyms Triple Activity Traditional Story Labels
Use of Punctuation   Aliens Alphabetical Order
    Word Wheel 2 Around your Home


Courtesy of BBC Bitesize

Courtesy of

Addition and Subtraction Telling the Time Double Function Machine 0-10 Flip Card
Multiplication 2D and 3D shapes Simple Scales 1-10 Flip Card
Division Organising Data Digit Workout Coins to 50p
Number Ordering Length/Weight Measurements Number Balance KS1 Coins to £2.00
Number Sequences Money Tangram Moneybox to £2.00
Place Value   Teachers Toolkit Sweetshop
    Wash Line 1 Two Digit Number Labelling
    Hundred Square  


Weather Forecast Body Parts
Water Cycle Adult and Baby Animals
Sound Adult and Baby Animal Quiz
Plant Labels Grouping Animals
Materials 2 Young Animals Crossword
Materials 1  


Seaside Fire of London

Key Stage Two


Alien Hangman Alphabetical Order 2 Collective Nouns
Compound Words More Sticky Letters Matching Pairs
Street Scene Labels Seaside Postcard Sticky Letters
Spellings Checker Story Sequencer Instruction Sequencer
Verb Links Word Dice Spelling Rule Tester
Word Selector    


Alginons Algebra Money Match Pyramid Numbers
Angles Near Doubles 4 Digit Sequencer
Compare Numbers Number Balance KS2 3D Shape Match
Leapfrog Odd or Even Sticky Numbers
Crazy Counter Number Track Symmetry Sort
Mean Machine Polygon Sort Triangle Sort
Goal Guess the Number Virtual Pinboard
Wash Line 2 Magic Number Cauldron Alien Weigh In
Teachers Toolkit Algebra Quiz Times Table Quiz
Double Function Machine Hundred Square Mr Pips Fruit Balance
Venn Diagram Card Flip Mean Runners
Boxing Weigh In Money Box to £20.00 White Elephant
Change White Elephant    


Variation Habitats
Teeth Food Chain
Healthy Eating Changing State
Life Cycles Minibeast Classification


Home Entertainment Technology The Romans Jigsaw
Roman Alien Hangman Roman Photo Gallery
Roman Britain Quiz  


US Map Game Investigating Coasts
A Village In India Rivers Wordsearch
Jigsaw - Coastal Features Jigsaw - River Features


Light Bulb - Disassembly Web Sketch
Torch Disassembly  


Number Labelling in French Fruit Labelling in French
Colour Labelling in French Transport Labelling in French
More Number Labelling in French French Crossword
Vegetable Labelling in French  


Number Labelling in Spanish Fruit Labelling in Spanish
Colour Labelling in Spanish Transport Labelling in Spanish
More Number Labelling in Spanish Spanish Crossword
Vegetable Labelling in Spanish  


Understanding Icons ICT Menus Wordsearch

Just For Fun

Rabbit Crunch

Spaceship Navigation

Lights Out

Baby Chute

Odd One Out


Fish Food

Space Invaders

Number Jumbler

Asteroid Destruction

Tic Tac Toe

Rivers Word Drop

Maths Square


Connect Four

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